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Exploration #26 “Light Painting”


Event: 20th March 2023 7.00 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Deadline: midnight March 18th

Light painting has a very long photographic history – well over 120 years. It’s a technique of moving a light source during a long exposure to light an object or space, or to “paint” directly an image with a light source. This is an exploration that can be performed outside (in the dark or perhaps “blue hour”) or inside in a dark or low-light level space.

These days we a have a very wide range of light sources that we can use; light bulbs, flashlights, glow sticks, light wands, LED strips of all kinds, fibre optics, light ropes, wearable LEDs, skate lights, off-camera flash units, sparklers, burning steel wool (a little risky!), etc. Deciding what to use and what technique(s) to try is an exciting opportunity to create interesting, dynamic, colourful and unusual images.

 You should start by researching the range of tools and techniques possible and then use your imagination to experiment. Although there are expensive tools available, it is easier to buy low-cost light sources from your local dollar store or online. Choose just one or two methods to investigate for this exploration as you may need to take many to get a satisfactory result.

Submit up to three different solutions. Max size 5 MB and please put your name first in the image title. Thank you! Send to robin@imaginacorporation.com.

Photo Credit: Robin King

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