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EXPLORATIONS #25 “The Self-Assignment”
Date: February 20 th
Submission Deadline: Midnight February 18th
The Explorations series is about pushing personal boundaries by experimenting with subjects
and techniques that are outside of one’s comfort zone. By building new skills and developing
our creative expression, we can discover additional tools and techniques to improve our work
and create the increased satisfaction that comes from great results.
This exploration offers the opportunity to select something that you would like to explore. Not
your favourite specialty or a provided task, but something new you would like to master. It
might be a new subject, a new technique, a new tool or any combination.
After selecting a personal exercise, it’s best to proceed in a series of steps.
First, take enough time to prepare. Research how others have approached the task and
evaluate possible approaches and methods that you might use.
Second, go for a walk or find that special place where ideas have enough time to surface from
your unconscious – incubate and let your mind make new connections.
Third, experiment through trial and error, learning as you generate alternative solutions to the
Forth, select the best solutions from your work and create your final ideas for presentation.
Fifth, wait a few days. Take time to step back and take a fresh look at the results. Make any
changes that will improve your images.
Submit up to three different solutions. Max size 5 MB and please put your name first in the
image title. Thank you! Send to robin@imaginacorporation.com.
NOTE: A selected personal example of this Exploration was “Visualizing the sound of music”
The images are of paint on a loudspeaker and water patterns playing “Bohemian Rhapsody” by
Queen. Photo Credit: Robin King

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