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EXPLORATION #20 “Framing Your Ideas with a “flat lay”

Session:  June 1st   7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

A flat lay is a composition of carefully selected and arranged items, arranged on a flat surface and shot directly from above.

In this Exploration you should assemble a thematic group of items and design a compositional arrangement that illustrates the links among them – one that that clearly communicates these relationships to the viewer. Select diverse shapes and sizes, create a simple, strong composition and balance, complementary textures and decide on a colour palette suited to the overall theme. This is an opportunity to select a fascinating subject that you enjoy, would like to share, and reflects your interests.

Background elements should generally be simple or plain. Lighting should be appropriate to the content – most often this will be a diffuse natural or artificial source of illumination.

Typical subjects for this genre include food, fashion, technology, hobbies, artistic skills, etc. but its open to any personal interpretation.


Deadline for submissions: midnight May 30th

Submission: up to three images in .jpg format: Send to robin@imaginacorporation.com and please include your name in each submission to make it easier to organize for presentation.

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