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Exploration #17: “Measurement”


February 8th 2022 - 7.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.


Submission Deadline: Images due by midnight February 6th 2022

There are many aspects of daily life that are easily missed and yet are seldom the subject of photographic exploration.  Every day, many times of day, we use, depend upon, or refer to, methods and tools of measurement that are important or even critical to our actions, our health, and our interaction with others.

You can’t effectively, monitor your health, cook your dinner, repair things, drive anywhere, design, dress for the day’s weather or create anything without referring to measurements and/or calculations in some form. Measurement is an essential aspect of making good photographic images as well (intensity, distance, colour etc.), The core aspects of this exploration should be graphic simplicity and enjoyment of the process of creating solutions to express the simple essence of measurement.

Time, weight, length, volume, angle, speed, area, pressure, rotation, light intensity, colour, force, flow, temperature, and density, are just a few of the possibilities.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, radiation, asteroid impacts, and astronomical distance are a little more difficult - but even they are measurable.

Select just one or two ideas to research and explore and keep your images simple using strong composition and design principles.  Submit up to three images in either colour or black and white in .jpg format to robin@imaginacorporation.com.

Photo credit : Robin King

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