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This tutorial is designed as an introductory guide to using off-camera flash in a home or small studio space using low c...

This tutorial is designed as an introductory guide to using off-camera flash in a home or small studio space using low cost and DIY tools and techniques to producing successful results. Especially useful for beginners, intermediate photographers, and those with a fear of using flash, this presentation will take the participant through the basic principles, foundational tools, and simple set-ups for solutions to several typical applications.

This will be a strictly manual approach (no TTL, complex multiple lighting or technical math) using core concepts to achieve a variety of lighting solutions using a single light source. Once the basics are well understood, flash can be used to produce and control both natural and creative lighting solutions that will enhance your portfolio.


  • Important ISO, shutter speed and aperture relationships with flash
  • Comparing basic flash options - speed lights and moonlights
  • Simple off-camera flash lighting setups
  • Connecting and controlling the camera with the flash unit
  • Selecting settings for freezing action.
  • How flash distance affects the intensity and quality of light.
  • Evaluating exposure when using flash.
  • Main and fill lighting techniques with a single light source.
  • Options for controlling the quality of flash through modifiers.

Robin King is currently the Director of Education for OCC and its Explorations Sessions. He started his professional photographic career over 50 years ago transitioning to become the Coordinator of the Applied Photograph program at Sheridan College during its analogue years. A pioneer in digital imaging in the 1980’s, Robin was the founder of the Computer Animation Program at Sheridan and during the past 20+ years has been an international consultant to governments, institutions, universities and private companies through his company - IMAGINA Corporation.  Specializing in Chinese training and education since 2002, he has also given presentations in Australia, Europe, North America, India, Japan, UAE, Hong Kong, Macau, The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

This is a virtual event.

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