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Exploration #12: “Small is Beautiful”” 

Tuesday August 10th – 7pm to 9pm

DEADLINE - Images due by midnight August 8th

It’s often very tempting to create images in the style of the great masters of the medium. Inspired by excellent photographers and their exceptional images, we can learn a great deal from studying their approach, their techniques, their work and their resulting impact. While we may be able to improve our own work by copying them, trail blazers don’t create commonplace content -subjects, tropes and approaches we have seen repeated all too often.

We should try to avoid the most traditional, conventional and cliché pictures if we want to develop an independent and personal photographic voice. This is difficult and demands our creative spirit and thoughtful execution.

So, instead of a specific subject or situation, this exploration is about interpreting and illustrating a concept - “small is beautiful”.  The choice of content is yours, reflecting your idea of demonstrating photographs that communicate visual and aesthetic pleasure. Beautiful has many possible meanings - alluring, appealing, attractive, delicate, elegant, exquisite, graceful, stunning, gorgeous, enticing, etc.  Small is also a contextual term because size is relative to the subject matter. It doesn’t necessarily mean a close-up or macro shot but instead can also be interpreted in many divergent and interesting ways.

Aesthetics is subjective and contextual. We won’t all agree and each of us may well have our own interpretation. However, we all need to find out if others value what we see as “small and beautiful.”

Read the brief carefully. Please don't select photographs from any of your previous work.

A limit of three different images per submission (either colour or black and white) in .jpg format.

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