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Lee has the outdoors and photography in his blood. From the time Lee was a child his family would spend their summers camping, hiking and exploring the Rockies from Jasper National Park to the Grand Tetons. It would never fail, his dad would always have his camera along with him and when Lee was old enough, he got his first camera - a Kodak Instamatic. 


As an adult, his love affair with the Canadian Rockies continues through his adventures with friends and family.  His thirst for exploration, photography and adventure has grown over the years through his experiences living in the United Kingdom and exploring Europe, Greenland and Namibia.  Lee is currently working on developing a multi-year adventure project based solely in the Canadian Rockies that he hopes to announce soon.  


In 2015, his photographic journey took an amazing turn from being a hobby photographer to  becoming a photo artist, capturing bold stories.  Also in 2015, inspired by a black and white portrait workshop Lee’s journey into black and white landscape photography began.  In 2017, Lee look jump all in on his passion for photography and started his own photography business.  Although Lee considers himself a multi genre photographer, his favourite genre is black and white.  Lee finds it so exhilarating at stripping down an image down to its basic visual bold story telling elements. 




Lee will explore the wonders of the Canadian Rockies and the roads explored. Lee will showcase nature’s amazing sculpture work in the Canadian Rockies, the diverse landscapes, history and wildlife of Namibia and the Giants of Greenland. Lee will touch on his process in the field and editing techniques but the focus of his presentation will be on the stories behind his passion for black and white photography and the individuals images in his presentation. 

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