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From Ben Eby


How Can Photographers help with Climate Action?

Like many photographers, I eventually found myself taken with a deeper understanding of the camera, using it as a tool to create considered images. Initially, I became consumed with skills development, acquiring the right equipment, and practicing techniques needed to fill this artistic void – in my own unique way. Paired with a parallel interest in geography and travel, I’m always reaching to explore the world at each available opportunity.

However, recently I have started to think from slightly different angle – Do my photography habits and routine result in a positive net benefit towards our planet - such as contributing to climate action, excessive tourism, pollution etc.? And by extension, are fellow photographers involved; and in what ways?

During my presentation I would like to share with you some of my past work, as well as some recent projects which have helped me to think about these questions in particular. I’ll share a few perspectives from professionals whom I’ve looked up to for inspiration. I’d like to openly discuss what projects your members might be engaged with - as well as their feelings towards the impact of their work.

I’m hopeful to leave your members with something to consider – we all should be involved in climate action -


in a small way.

1. Introduction

Introduction to Ben Eby
What inspired be to become a photographer
An outline of some of my past work
An outline about some of the places I have been able to photograph, and some places I would like to explore in the future

2. The Photographer and Climate Action

What made me think about this concept in a more meaningful way?
How I become involved
Presentation of some of the work I have done; directly related to Climate Action Some images & perspectives from other professionals who have taken up awareness How this idea might inspire you to broaden yourself

Introduce ideas that may help members to become involved - providing mutual benefit to themselves; and the earth.

3. Discussion about Photography and Environmental Impact/Ethics

Open a discussion about the impacts that photographers make on the environment, such as travel, over-tourism?
How is this balanced with the idea that your images may inspire?
Recognizing the moment, and what where we fit in.

4. Closing Remarks




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