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Photography and digital art are Gareth’s artistic releases. After taking up photography after a career
as a forensic scientist, Gareth has been able to bring his imagination, vision and inquisitive mind to
visual life.

Gareth’s art mostly explores bold abstracts or unique perspectives that are created from his original
photographs or digital art pieces. Gareth uses both monochromatic and colour perspectives in final
images as he believes they evoke quite different emotions in viewers.

By looking to connect images to viewers – and in these uneasy times – Gareth wants to balance life.
He wants to present moments of beauty, quiet joy or intrigue in balance with the need to draw
attention to important issues. Everyone needs a break from the unending negative news all around
the world and Gareth attempts to give people a breather from the stress of today’s world. This is not
to say he doesn't bring difficult issues into his art - but Gareth is convinced that balance is the critical
issue, especially as for most of us, our worlds are not in balance. He hopes his art helps to heal this
disparate world through creative expressions, thoughtful moments and visual enjoyment or

Gareth never says no to an image, be it traditional or not, be it something he’s created or captured,
but simply because it shouts out to him &"Look at me". He’s photographing the world with all its
wonders and creations, big and small, that simply make him stop and look, or think, or smile, or feel
and then he puts his take on it. Gareth’s images are that gift - a moment to look, think, smile or feel
whatever the image calls up in you. He lets his curiosity fuel the exploration of the world and from
that abstract, nature, urban and imaginative images arise.

Gareth believes that whenever viewers purchase or comment on images, they connect with him.
Often that connection is the breather he wants to provide, he’s touching people, reaching them with
his images and that is what inspires him.

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