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2017 Winter Challenge


Snow and Ice (Anything Winter)
Close-ups and Macros. (RBG Outing, Food Photography, Still Life's, etc.)
Tell a Story in One Photo

New Approach to Attract More Participation:

One of the topics for each Challenge will be divided into 2 categories, one for beginners and one for more advanced photographers (Snow and Ice). The winner of each subcategory would win a $20 gift card from Henry’s.

Practical definition of “Beginner” (Honour System):

Someone starting out in photography who has an entry level digital camera or DSLR with 1 or 2 kit lenses;
They are still learning the basic camera functions on their camera and are learning how these functions can be used creatively (e.g. Aperture priority, shutter speed, etc.). They mostly shoot in Auto or Program mode;
Learning basic rules of composition and basic camera terminology
Shoots jpeg (not raw)
If they do any post processing, they use free software such as Picassa or the tools on Flickr. The aren’t using advance commercial software like Lightroom or Photoshop

Participation in Challenges will be made less intimidating.
Images will still be judged using the CAPA system, but scores will no longer be shown at the club presentations. Instead only the winner and runner up images will be announced.
Names of all participant photographers will be kept confidential as in the past.
Will make the file size submission requirements less onerous.

submission deadline Feb. 20 Send your entries to: challenges@oakvillecameraclub.com

March 20 – Challenge Results Night;
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