Capture Oakville 2015

Grand Prize Winner

Capture Oakville

Image that captures and demonstrates the true essence of the beautiful lakeside community of Oakville, it's landscapes and seasonal ambience.

The Human Character (Portrait)

A compelling portrait photograph that captures the essential characteristics and personality of the human subject.

Textures and Impression (Black and White)

An image where the texture, tone, contrast or emotion is only best represented through the deliberate use of black and white media.

Street Photography

Capturing a decisive moment in urban streetscapes where you are at ‘The Right Place at the Right Time’ to capture a realistic ‘unplanned moment.’

Something Grand

Larger than Life photograph of a Landscape (that may include man-made objects) that conveys the scale, size and proportion of what you’re photographing.

Nature & Wildlife

Compelling images of spectacular events occurring in nature, wildlife, and close-ups of natural subjects.


Congratulations to our Winners