Oakville Camera Club Mentor Program

The Oakville Camera Club prides itself on being a friendly, welcoming environment where photographers of all ages and skills levels can come together to share their knowledge and learn from other members.
In the spirit of this philosophy the OCC Mentor program as created. An OCC Mentor is someone who exhibits a friendly, welcoming personality to his or her fellow club members and who possesses a specialty in an aspect of photography.
These members volunteer to share their knowledge with others and can be reached in person, at club meetings or through email. A profile of the mentor is available below. Please follow the link to their work for examples of their photographic skill.
Mentors can be indentified by an OCC Mentor logo on their nametag, which will also indicate their photography specialty.
If you are interested in becoming an OCC Mentor please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan

Club member since: 2007

I have been shooting since:  2004

Photography Speciality:

On Location Portraiture

Website: photography.solartempest.net


William Smith

Bill Smith

Club member since: 2006 (Co-Founder)

I have been shooting since: for ever

Photography Speciality:

Film and traditional darkroom, nature/landscape, urban streetscapes, some architecture and people

Website: funwithcameras.blogspot.com


Rafal Kiermacz

Rafal Kiermacz

Club member since: 2010

I have been shooting since: 2005

Photography Speciality : Product Photography and Portraiture





Jared Fein

Club member since: 2006

I have been shooting since: Forever

Camera Specialty : Nikon DSLR’s; Sony Mirrorless

Types of Photography:  Nature, Landscapes; Macro; Photomicroscopy; Travel

Software:  Lightroom, Nik; DXO, PortraitPro, Photoshop, Lumenzia (Luminosity masking)








Peter Wright 2




Peter Wright

Club member since: 2011

I have been shooting since: 1963

Camera Specialty : Leica (Film and Digital) ; Mirrorless

Types of Photography:  Street and Envrionmental

Printing : Film (Darkroom) and InkJet (Digital Prints)





Marcel 1


Marcel Painchaud

Club member since: 2011

I have been shooting since: 1957

Camera Specialty : Nikon

Types of Photography:  Any Kind of Ambient Light Photography

Software : Lightroom - B&W Converstion Tools



Wojtek 3


Wojtek Zlobicki - Director of Mentor Program

Club member since: 2010

I have been shooting since: 2004

Camera Specialty : Canon

Photography Speciality:

Travel and Landscape Photography, Adobe Lightroom, LEE Filters

Website: photo.wojtek.ca