Challenge Rules

Background:  The OCC challenge program is focused on advancing photography skills in a friendly atmosphere where we learn from each other. Wherever possible, the challenges tie in with club outings and educational activities to enhance your learning experience. Challenges present low-risk opportunities to experiment outside your photographic comfort zones.

Submitted images are evaluated by OCC members who have completed the CAPA judging program. Club challenge meetings are an invitation to all members to discover how the judges made their decisions. We may not all agree, but creative differences lead to lively discussions. Constructive evaluation may help you find new ways of thinking about your photography, from composition to shutter click to final touches. Objective evaluation can be a tool for development, and challenge meetings are a great opportunity to interact with fellow club members.

In the spirit of creative adventure, a judge or the Challenges Director may choose one of the challenge images, and apply a few changes to illustrate their suggestions. These will be clearly identified and shown alongside the original images.

At the conclusion of the presentation, the winner and runner up will be announced and gift cards awarded (you must be present at the meeting to claim the prize). The judging sheets (showing image titles but not names) are later posted on the OCC website so you can check your score and review the judges comments.

Here are the rules for submitting your challenge images:

1.     Keep it fresh – images must have been made within 2 years of the specified submission date, and must not have been entered in a previous challenge. Keep it clean – no watermarks or other identifying information on the images.

  1. Challenges are open to current, paid-up club members only, and all submitted images must be the maker's own work.
  2. Two images per challenge and only one per theme. Images are judged in the order and orientation received.

4.     Read the category/topic/theme descriptions carefully to ensure your images fit the subject. Images out of category risk disqualification. If you need clarification, please contact the challenges director well BEFORE the deadline.

5.     Images must be jpg file format and a minimum size of 1 mb. and no larger than 5 mb

6.       Send your finished images via email attachments (NOT embedded) by midnight of the submission deadline date:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Don't wait until the last minute! Submissions received after the deadline will not be evaluated. 

Please include the following mandatory information in your email message with the attached images:

1.     Your name and telephone number.

2.     The theme of each image.

3.     The file name of each image.  Follow the club file naming convention: Title of Image-Name of Photographer.jpg   (example: Autumn Leaves-John Doe.jpg )

4.     The title of each image (title is used at the presentation).

Visit the CAPA website for more information on judging:

Your ideas, comments and suggestions are always welcome! Please email the challenges director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or chat in person at any of the camera club meetings.

Good luck!
(updated Jan. 2022)